Zither a la classique

At the Zither a la classique concert, Janja reveals songs from her new CD called Moments (Trenutki). The moment can be full of worry, chaos, fear and tension, yet it may as well be full of harmony, beauty and joy. The concert will be marked by the latter, for which the present times long after all the difficult trials. The program will include classical music from different musical periods. In the concluding part, you will be immersed in the sounds of the tango and composition of the renowned Celje composer Goran Bojčevski On the Surface performed by Janja and the accordionist Izidor Kokovnik.

Duo Kontrario

concert zither & accordion 

Concert zither and accordion are both solo musical instruments in their nature, which is why joining these two “soloists” is an exciting new challenge for the two young musicians Janja Brlec and Izidor Kokovnik, and a pleasant novel sound experience on the musical scene for the audience. They have been collaborating since 2017 and have been performing in Croatia and at Gallus Foundation protocolar events.

A concert named ROMANCA NASPROTIJ (The Romance of Contraries) is going to display the contrasts of the two instruments as well as the musical genres, which is already indicated by the name of the duo. 

The contraries of the two instruments so different as zither and accordion are going to be presented through classical music and genres of tango and romances. In the closing part of the concert, they will go back in time for a few decades with nostalgia and attractive musical adaptations of a few folk songs, to return to the times when both instruments began their musical journey.

They are also going to perform a novelty of a renowned composer Goran Bojčevski from Celje, who composed the piece especially for the duo. 

Slovenian zither quartett

The Slovenian Zither Quartet is the only permanent ensemble of its kind in Slovenia. Its members, all four zither teachers, Janja Brlec, Anita Veršec, Tomaž Plahutnik and Peter Napret have been actively playing together since 2000. So far, they have recorded three CDs, they regularly perform in Slovenia and have also played in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. They have recorded for TV Slovenia numerous times. Their program covers a variety of music from arrangements of early music and stretches through original classical compositions written just for the zither quartet to jazz and Slovenian folk and national folk entertaining melodies, which are transcribed for our ensemble by members of the quartet Tomaž Plahutnik and Peter Napret.

Slovenian melodies on zither and violin

Performed by violinist Peter Napret and zither player Janja Brlec, legendary Slovenian melodies will resonate in convincing interpretations. In their arrangements you will listen to Slovenian evergreen songs, folk songs and the most famous zither compositions. Many songs will be supported by vocals.